Germinal focus on knowledge and foresight to know what’s needed for future growth.

Brand strategy | Brand identity | Packaging | Print design | Signage | Web design

Since 1825 Germinal Holdings have spearheaded ground breaking work in seed development for agriculture & amenity. This ground breaking work continues through a research collaboration with The Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS), part of Aberystwyth University. Germinal’s challenge was to create a brand & extensive visual tool kit to consistently communicate their core strengths of research, knowledge and industry foresight.

The approach to the project was to implement a clear confident brand identity under pinned by a strapline ‘Knowledge Advances’, Leaf shaped iconic shape was created to give maximum stand out. New photography was commissioned & successfully featured in sales and marketing literature/catalogues. Literature has been implemented across various geographical regions supported by an extensive interactive website. All product packaging is bold & distinctive assuring maximum product standout.

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