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Frank Hederman dedicated over 35 years to creating the finest handmade smoked salmon in the world.

Brand strategy | Brand identity | Packaging | Print design | Web design


Frank Hederman has been recognised globally for its exceptional quality and traditional artisan methods of smoking. New York Times Food Critic reviewed it as the best salmon money could buy.Big mate of Rick Stein, supplies Highgrove and the Ryder Cup etc. Needed to re-establish the brand and reposition as an exclusive brand that captured, luxury, integrity, confidence and personality…less Frankness.


New brand marque had to sit alongside iconic brands like Laurent Pierrer, Prada, Hermes etc. We recognized Hederman had the potential to create a brand name that is a genericized trademark, to acquire substantial market dominance or mind share. Commissioned specialist crafted typographical illustration by Seb Lester of ‘H’ marque. All packaging is low key relying on hand wrapping etc. lots of stickers and printed grease proof paper and engaging easy to use e.commerce website.

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